German Market Place (in SG)

Today I finally decided to drop by the German Market Place which I have found over the internet.
When I was over in Stuttgart, we found an Asian supermarket - BETA Supermarket (exact location I'm not sure... keke) so I thought here in Singapore, there must be at least ONE shop that sells German products.
Wanted to drop by yesterday but thankfully I didn't as they close for the day at 7.00pm.
The staff was nice, actually as mentioned, they close rather early. I stepped into the shop at 6.58pm and they let me finish my shopping anyway... LOL...
They really have a wide range of products in the shop. From beer to wurst to pickles to schokolade... *GRINZ*

I have been wanting to get spätzle to try out more dishes but they don't have this in the regular supermarkets. Mikka volunteered to send them to me if I really wanted it.. Sweet ja? keke... So, spätzle was actually no. 1 on my 'list of things to find' from the German Market Place. I was actually only half convinced that I could get my spätzle but surprise... They really have it!! Too bad I didn't have time to slowly browse through the racks. Next time I will drop by again when I need my re-stock of Hanutas.. Yes.. they have Hanutas too.. So Mikka.. next time you have one less thing to lug along.. keke...
For those who wants to drop by the mart, address and opening hours as follows :
German Market Place (Along the shophouse further up Coronation Plaza)
609 Bukit Timah Road
Mon - Sat : 10am - 7pm
(Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)